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This page is a themtic duplicate with Install from Trunk. I have to join it later.

If you want to build your ADempiere installation from a trunk version this is the right page fo you.

You may download your trunk from one of the Mercurial Repositories (e.g. Install ADempiere 361 in Eclipse) out there or from your own (or [my]) adapted version. The beginning is such a source trunk.


start compiling

This page was helpful: If you want to configure some things like the adempiere Version and Vendor string you may create a "" file as a copy of "" and adapt it to your needs. (You do not need to have this file.)

  cd utils_dev
  export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/default-java

help with problems

If you have problems you may have a look at but it seems that this page is quite old and these issues are solved already.


You should copy the directory "adempiere/Adempiere" to your target server. There you should start for the graphical configuration and setup tool (or if you already created a configuration in the file and just wants to deploy a new software version).

A common place for installing ADempiere is "/opt/Adempiere/", so you could make a deploy with the following script:

cd utils_dev
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/default-java
cd ..
ssh ${SERVER} "cp /opt/Adempiere/ /opt/"
ssh ${SERVER} "rm -r /opt/Adempiere"
scp -rp adempiere/Adempiere ${SERVER}:/opt/
ssh ${SERVER} "cp /opt/ /opt/Adempiere/"        

what else?

If you actualize your Adempiere version do not forget to run the needed migration scripts.

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