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The code repository is hoested on sourceforge with the Version Control System [Mercurial].

How to start with Mercurial

Install Mercurial (also called "hg") as a package for your Operation System. You can download it from the [Mercurial Website]. You also need ssh for remote access to Sourceforge's Mercurial Server.

You can use mercurial from inside Eclipse with the [Mercurial Eclipse Plugin]. Out of Eclipse you can use [TortoiseHG] as an GUI to use Mercurial. The most powerful way to use Mercurial is by using the console. For this way you do not have to install anything but Mercurial itself. I will explain all needed steps for FreiBier development here with console commands.

You can also read the [Mercurial documentation].

Use this command to check out a first clone:

 hg clone ssh:// freibier-reports
 cd freibier-reports some work on your files. Then look what has changed with:

 hg status

Add a new file to the list of the managed files:

  hg add reports/Kundenkopfdaten.jrxml

Commit your changes with a describing comment:

 hg commit -m "Erste Version der Kopfdaten von M. Plueckhahn"

Push your own changes to Sourceforge's Mercurial Server:

 hg push

Before you do some other work you should first pull the newest version from the server:

 cd freibier-reports
 hg pull

If there is a conflict while pushing or pulling you have to merge. Read the docs and write it down here. :-)

You may use public keys to log into sourceforge without typing a password.

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