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2012-01-09 begin logbook

so let the show begin...

up to now:

Playing around

  • I installed ADempiere 370
  • I played around with the Application Dictionary
  • I installed a eclipse development environment
  • I did my own model
  • I made a prototype of a deposit-able beverage selling order form
  • I met red1
  • I decided to begin from scratch
  • I initiated a sourceforge project
  • I did this wiki
  • I installed ADempiere from the globalqss361 branch on my development system.

Data import

  • I got my vendors out of my legacy database, the import function does not work the best for my data
  • I created a translation table for vendors (to correct text data before importing)
  • Setup a Client - install a test client
  • Preferences - settings for the actual user

2012-01-09 Server and Environment Install

  • I installed a globalqss361 server in my lan.
  • I documented the problems I ran into while doing this
  • I installed Eclipse Indigo Environment with Mercurial on my work system
  • I installed ADempiere361 and FreiBier: Install_ADempiere_361_in_Eclipse#What_I_did_myself

Data import

2012-01-12 data import of vendors

2012-02 - 2012-05

  • Statistics and NGV data exchange


  • new domain and new wiki

still to do...


  • beginning to reuse this wiki for freibier after some break (spam attack and other projects)
  • Pages about Implementation: Processes and Views
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