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Pfand (Deposit)

In germany is is usual to take a deposit for the frame and the bottles when buying a case of beer. It is the same with the barrel.

The deposit is not really "turnover" but just gives the right to give the barrel back an get your money refunded.

That said: For Accounting and Tax it IS turnover and you have to treat it like a normal product. It has normal VAT.

For statistics and customer analysis I want to separate it. I am only interested in sold beverages, not in sold deposit. It does not matter for me wheter I refunded it or not because there is no contribution margin with it.

If I enter an item into the order lines that has a connection with deposit articles these articles have to be counted the same time. But I do not want them to be shown on the screen (to not fill the screen up with useless information). If I delete a line from the order list the deposit articles have to be deleted at the same time.

It is possible to enter deposit articles directly (especially in the return aquisition tab).

implementation thoughts

use BOM

ADempiere experts adviced me to use the BOM functionality.

 <MCalderon> I could imagine a further "Component Type" entry, besides the actual (component, by-product, co.product, phantom, etc)

automatic lines

In my opinion there has to be a way to differentiate between normal entered order lines and automatic created deposit lines. In my first "proof-of-concept" I entered a reference field to the "motherproduct". So it was easy to delete deposit products when I delete the ware product.


There has to be a possibility to divide the deposit products from normal products for statistical reasons. I would use a flag for this in the product record.

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