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This page is about a new concept for a free and open source ERP system for selling beverages. We will do some thinking about implementing it in ADempiere. This page is read by a certain person called [Red1] who has met FreiBier owner.

We want to focus on a base package and extend it later. For our first "proof of concept" implementation we will need the following features:

Base Features

  • FreiBier.OrderWorkflow - basic workflow of Bestellung - Lieferschein - Rechnung
  • Freibier.OrderWindow - optimized Input of Orders (giving sums with/without deposit, separate redemptions, take deposit in/out while entering orderlines)
  • Freibier.Pfand - we have to extend ADempiere to deal with deposit
  • Customers with included and excluded VAT
  • FreiBier.RoutePlanning
  • Monthly (collected) Invoice for some customers
  • FreiBier.PriceCalculation
  • FreiBier.DataMigration - from old ERP system
  • changeable price while entering the orderlines
  • special articles with entered Textinformation (serial numbers, additional informations for this delivery)
  • selling of single bottles (like fractional parts of a product, respecting deposit)
  • Accounting according to the german rules
  • I need three kinds of units to every product (count the cases, the bottles and the hektolitres) for different statistics and for the pricing and discount

Extended Modules in the second step

  • unlimited number of groups attached to customers and articles
  • FreiBier.PaymentAgreements - (i did not look into ADempiere possibilities up to now)
  • Reimbursements - We refund to our customers e.g. at the end of the year. It may be a kind of FreiBier.PriceCalculation
  • Object management - We sort our customers with the locality they are in. (Customers come and go, the pub stays there)

more extending modules

(to be done in the next 12 Months...)

  • Contract Management - We have delivery contracts with customers and others (e.g. Owners of the house a pub is in)
  • Document Management
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