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You enter the preferences window with the Menubar of the Main Window. Select "Extras -> Preferences" aka "Extras -> Einstellungen". Some interesting fields are:

  • Übersetzungsregister anzeigen - Yes! If you change values that are translated your changes will not be visible if you not also change the german translation. So you have to see the translation Tab.
  • Fenster zwischenspeichern - No. If you change window definitions they will be cached. Set it to Yes if you will not change anymore anything. Then windows will open a bit faster.
  • Eine Ausprägung pro Fenster - Yes. So you can open only one Product or one BusinessPartner at a time. This makes it much clearer to oversee your desktop. If you want change it later if you are more used to ADempiere.
  • Fenster maximiert öffnen - Yes. Geschmackssache - gibt Benutzern, die nicht ganz so erfahren im Umgang mit Computern sind (und Benutzern über vierzig), ein besseres Gefühl, weil nicht so viele Fenster zu sehen sind.
  • Immer Druckvorschau - Yes. Opens a PDF viewer for every printjob. You can then print out of this viewer. Change this later, when the testing phase is over.
  • Protokolldatei - Yes. I don't know what and where it is, but I will search later.
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