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This is an article I got from Nicolas Micoud about doing Commits and Pull-Requests with Bitbucket and Eclipse. For more help about Bitbucket for ADempiere see ADempiereRepository. I formatted this Article for the wiki so all merits go to Nicolas and errors are mine (Thomas Bayen).

Within Eclipse : Right click on you project Team / Commit

BitbucketEclipse Commit1.png

Write a little description Select files Click OK button

Then Right click / Team / Synchronize With

BitbucketEclipse Synchronize1.png

Click on Next

BitbucketEclipse Synchronize2.png

Select URL, write username and password Click on Finish

Eclipse will go to the Synchrnoize view

BitbucketEclipse SynchronizeView.png

Right click on Outgoing / 6247 > Synchronize nb : 6247 is the ???

Then, you can see it in recent commits

Bitbucket RecentCommits.png

To submit a contribution to the master repository

Bitbucket PullRequest.png

Click on « Pull Request »

Click on « Send pull request »

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