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This page is dedicated to developers who are very new to the FreiBier project, want to help and want to get into it as fast as possible.


Basic links

Which accounts may I need?

  • - Create a user account. With this Account I can give you writing rights to this wiki, the Mercurial Repository, the (up to now not much used) forum, tracker, etc. It also gives your writing rights to the [ADempiere forums]
  • You may create a reserved nickname at but it's not really needed - read the site documentation and/or IRC for that
  • Becoming member of the red1 forum may be a good idea if you want to post questions there

Project rules I should know

There are no rules. Feel free to use everything, change everything, write to the wiki, use the source! Use your common sense and decide yourself! Language: There is now "official project language". This page is in english to invite people from the adempiere/idempiere community to follow our way. If you do your own content choose whatever language you feel comfortable with at the point of writing. If someone wants to translate something just do it.

Starting Points

These points are not recommended starting points for every newbie but things we talked about before. So this first version are the starting points for Michael Plückhahn. For a page being in this list means that this page contains some starter info for a dedicated project step we talked about before.

--Tbayen 13:44, 3 February 2012 (UTC)

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