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Order Window

The order window is the window the most time is worked in with the software. It has to be clear and efficient. You should be able to use it just by the keyboard to be faster.

The aim will be to enter an order while talking to the customer on the phone. The most customers do know very well what they want. The start talking in the second you take up the phone and throw the order lines at you. So you have to be able to react very fast and the software has to help.

Which main tabs do I need

I want the first tab with a very small number of order information (like customer, date, order number) on the top. At the bottom I want a list with the order lines. In this list I want not to see order lines for the deposit of the entered articles.

In a second tab I can enter the returned ware and deposit (see "Return Aquisition" at FreiBier.OrderWorkflow)

In a third tab is the place for the remaining fields of the order. Here I can change the address of the delivery, give a procentual order discount and things like that.

assortment list

We need a list of the products the customer bought in the last months. Information needed is the product, how often is was ordered, at which date was the last order and how much in average. I want to inject special articles into this list (or have a second list) for products the customer did not buy but I want him to buy so the call center agent can talk to the customer. This list needs a description field. ("Dear customer, I see you talked to our salesman that you wanted to try out this new Lemonade. May I note two cases of it to your Order?!?")

I do not want to have deposit articles in this list.

I want to create order lines fast from this list.

First idea is that I am in a new orderline in the product field and can open a new window (like a search window) with this list. Then I choose one item and it is entered in the list of orderlines.

Second idea (from red1) is a new Tab I can go to with one keystroke. I can choose an item from the list and with another keystroke I can take it into the list of orderlines and go back to this list for entering the amount.

keyboard control

If I have a sheet of paper with handwritten orders from 10 customers I have to get them into the system as fast as possible (it's the same for the Return Aquisition (see [FreiBier.OrderWorkflow])). I do not want to use the mouse for this task. I want to take the shortest path through all fields just entering the Customer search key once and the Product search key and the amount for every order line.

It should be possible to change other fields but this shortest path is the easiest to go.

sum information

There are Orders/Invoices including and excluding VAT.

I want to see the following numbers at every point while entering order lines:

  • Sum of worth of the products (without deposit, including returned ware) (including VAT depends on the kind of Document)
  • Sum of discount on this order (including VAT depends on the kind of Document)
  • Sum of the deposit of the entered products (including VAT depends on the kind of Document)
  • overall sum (Bruttosumme) including VAT

other points

  • You should be able to sell individual bottles (fractions of one product).
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