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I want to try to install the GlobalQSS361 Version. Perhaps I will be smarter after this. :-)

Download and Documentation

You need more than 1GB of free space for this!

I followed the documentation.

Short version:

Just install postgresql-8.4, download the adempiere package and install it.

Before running the configure process (like said at the end of the package installation) you may delete the DISPLAY environment variable. Else it tries to start a GUI install but this did not work for me (being on a server, not direct on the desktop of this computer). I did it with

 export -n DISPLAY
 /etc/init.d/adempiere configure

after the script running a while I had to start the server with the init-script and everything was fine! :-)

The database was seeded and I could use it with no problems (see my problems seeding the OSGI database in Seeding the OSGI Database).

Long version:

I installed a new Debian Squeeze from a debian-6.0.3-i386-netinst.iso image. There is a special problem because Debian Squeeze does not contain a sun java package (oracle does not allow this since October 2011) So I did these commands:

 aptitude install postgresql-8.4 
 aptitude install openjdk-6-jdk

Then I created a dummy java-6-sun package with equivs like I described in LUG Krefeld Wiki (Lösung 3). No the adempiere package should install wthout complaints:

 dpkg -i Adempiere_GlobalQSS_20111114_postgres.deb

Next I edited the file "/etc/init.d/adempiere" and changed the following line:


and I configured adempiere:

 export -n DISPLAY
 /etc/init.d/adempiere configure

I still did not solve the DISPLAY Problem but in the end the package installed an I was very tired. I will look into it with my next installation. While tring to solve the Display problem I found the following helpful link:

Do not forget to start the server with:

 /etc/init.d/adempiere start
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