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To test project parts on a common platform and not have a working Eclipse installation for every developer (e.g. for JasperReports testing) there is a testing environment on a Internet server that is rebuild on a regularly basis. It is only for internal use. Ask tbayen for permission.



A minimal Adempiere installation consists of two parts: The Java Client program and the database.

First step: get access

Ask tbayen and you will get the following things:

  • (1) DNS-Name of the server
  • (2) SSH-Username and Password
  • (3) Database name of the adempiere database user

Second step: get the Client

You can download the client [here]. This file is not updated automatically. If you feel it is outdated ask tbayen to update it. You can extract the zip file and start "".

Third step: Database Access

First you have to start a SSH Tunnel to get access to the database server:

 ssh -L 15432:localhost:5432 -N {your-ssh-username}@{dns-name-of-the-server}

This process will keep running and keep the tunnel up while it runs. You can stop it with Ctrl-C. This command works on Linux, for Windows there are other ways to get a ssh tunnel. It may be more comfortable to configure ssh to use public key authentication.

When you start ADempiere it asks you for the database parameters. Enter the following:

  • Datenbank-Typ: PostgreSQL
  • Datenbank-Server: localhost
  • Datenbank-Port: 15432
  • Datenbank-Name: freibiercloud
  • Nutzer: adempiere
  • Passwort: you got it from tbayen

You do not have to enter data in the upper part (for the application server). At the end you can press the lower test button. There should be a green checkmark after pressing it.

Fourth step: ADempiere Access

tbayen will tell you which user names are configured in the database. For the first steps you may use the standard "SuperUser" with password "System". On the second login screen you can choose the role. The best for FreiBier testing is the role "Jakob Bayen KG Admin". For developing you may use "System-Administrator". Beware! Everything you do will be deleted from time to time!

Which data is inside?

In the database is the full freibier configuration. Besides that there is testdata that is created from live data from my own enterprise. The data is mangled and shortened but please keep it confidential. Give no access to other people! Thanks!

How to work with my own JasperReports?

inside iReport

In iReport you can configure more than one Database Connection. While configuring choose a JDBC URL like jdbc:postgresql://localhost:15432/freibiercloud.

inside ADempiere

If you want to test Reports inside of ADempiere without installing all the Eclipse Environment this is your way: (Please consider using the full Eclipse installation - you may want to have it later anyway.)

Create a special testing-Directory. Copy the Java Client (like I said above) into this testing directory. Try whether it runs. It dos not contain any Reports. So open "FreiBier/Stammdaten/Geschäftspartner Editor" and click on "Vorschau". The button works but does nothing - you get an Exception output on your console. :-(

Now you use Mercurial to download the Reports project and the ADempiere sources.

 hg clone ssh:// Reports
 hg clone adempiere361

Sorry for needing to download the adempiere monster package but we need the JasperReports version inside of ADempiere to compile our reports with the exact same version to avoid version conflicts. The you go into the Reports directory and compile the reports (Did I tell you have to install "ant"?) from *.jrxml to *.jasper:

 cd Reports
 ant build.xml

then you go back to the Java Client directory. You just have to tell the JVM where to find the reports before starting the ADempiere Client:

 cd ..
 cd Adempiere
 export CLASSPATH=../Reports/reports/
 bash ./

Try again to get a "Vorschau/Preview" inside the "Geschäftspartner Editor". If it works, smile! :-)

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