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(also see FreiBierLogbook)

This is my Roadmap:

Next step is doing statistics output for vendors. This must (and will) be done in the first week of february.

Next big step is the decision for the direction of the next steps:

  • A) more Statistics
    • use statistical data from the old ERP system
    • everything you can do with JasperReports
  • B) more ERP
    • doing orders (dealing with deposit, stocks, prices etc. up to creating accounting data)
    • make a small ERP core running and extend it later
  • C) more Accounting
    • letting the ERP part away and doing first the accounting system for all data except customers and vendors turnover
    • Darlehensverwaltung (loan management) - keeps and creates important data for statistics


already done

Base Install

  • Decide which Branch of ADempiere will be my base
    • Check out 370, OSGI and 361 done
  • Create a project with wiki, tracker, mercurial repository
    • Done with Sourceforge
    • transfer SF wiki to mediawiki done (OSGI installation to be done later)
  • Install german translation done
  • setup Eclipse Environment done
  • document the creation of a project in ADempiere done

Data Model

  • Examine the ADempiere Datamodel done (can one man ever be done with that...?) :-)
  • Think about it for a second... (can one man......) :-)
  • Import some Data (Data Import)
    • Create an own Import Model for Products with Freibier.Pfand etc. done
  • Extend the Datamodel (see Pains)
  • Features:
    • Articles (Products) done
    • Customers (Businesspartners) done
    • Statistics (not yet there) done

User and Menu

  • Examine User System done
    • Create new dedicated Menu structure done
    • Document creating new users


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