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If I do changes to the Application Dictionary (AD) there are procedures to make it "the right way". To follow them eases documentation and migration.

protocol a migration script

If you change something in the AD you have to do it as the system administrator. Before doing this you open from the menu bar the menu "Extras -> Preferences". There you can switch on the checkbox "protocol migration script" ("Protokoll Migrationsskript"). From this point on there will be a SQL script with every change you do to the database.

centralized ID

Read this:

To activate it you have to go to "Extras -> Preferences" and activate the checkbox "Dictionary Maintenance" ("Verwaltung Dictionary").

You can see the reserved IDs at

My Changes in AD

I did the following changes in the AD:

Entity Type

I created an entity type "FreiBier".

Table & Column

Table I_Product

Field: Volume: Reference to "Amount"

Field: Weight: Reference to "Amount"

More Informations about Migration Scripts


As long as I have not understand how to avoid conflicts in the migration script numbering scheme I will collect migration scripts in my own "freibier" project in the "migration" directory.

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