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This page is a themtic duplicate with Build and deploy from trunk. I have to join it later.


build from trunk

First you should be able to create a full ADempiere installation from your downloaded Repository. Read [Manual Installation From Trunk] in the ADempiere Wiki. It is a bit outdated but you will get the point. In short, I did the following:

 cd into your cloned repository
 export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/default-java/
 cd utils_dev

In the file you may change the vendor (and perhaps the version if you feel you are like building a new version of ADempiere). You may change ADEMPIERE_ROOT so the build result will reside at some other place in the filesystem but usually you can keep it where it is. If you do not change it the buildscript will create a directory "adempiere". Inside is a directory "Adempiere" which is your new ADEMPIERE_HOME. You can get this directory and copy/use it whereever you want.

Setup ADempiere properties

 cd ../adempiere/Adempiere/
 chmod +x *.sh

This setup process is good explained at [Application Server Installation & Setup] in the ADempiere Wiki. My suggestion: Think a second about every entry. In the screenshot you see some values I used on a local system. The usage of "localhost" as a dns name works better if your postgres is configured to connect only to localhost and/or if your computer has sometimes no network connection (and no other name than localhost). For a network setup it is better to use the right network names.

ADempiere-RUN setup.png

The Script will complain about missing email connectivity (I don't know what this is for but I didn't miss it yet - read [Compile] for a hint to change this) and missing database connectivity with your given database user.

This is a call to initialize the database: Read [CreateDatabase] and/or (better) [Initialize the ADempiere Database] in the ADempiere Wiki. In short:

 cd utils

Apply Migration Scripts

Depending on the state of the program you will see Java Exceptions about errors in the database. I struggled with this a while. My explanation is this: The ADempiere source trunk contains a database snapshot from the last release. We are working on trunk so the state of the database may have emerged. But these changes are not reflected in the snapshot. So after loading the database seed from the last release we have to apply the migration scripts (read [Migration] and the source of for some more information). We find these in the /migration directory. I looked for the last (actual) migration directory. At this time it is 360lts.010-release. To apply this I did the following:

 cd migration
 sh 360lts.010-release commit | psql -h localhost -U adempiere_tb -d adempiere_tb -W >360lts.010-release.lst

Now we can go back to the utils dir and end the process of database import:

 cd utils

what next?

At next you may want to Start ADempiere from Eclipse or become an overview at ADempiereDevelopmentEntry

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